A New Cottage for Dame Trott for our Jack and the Beanstalk set 1

We have been working on some replacement flats for our Dame Trott cottage scene making them lighter and easier to handle than the original scenes which comprised two flown frenchman that were hugely large and heavy. In their place we have created a double sided trucked flat, a door flat that doubles as both inside and outside the cottage and two interior wing flats. Here are some images in their various stages of progression.

Primed and drawn

With the first bit of colour.

The interior/exterior door flat
The SL wing flat
Dame Trott's cottage SL wing flat
The SR wing flat
Dames Trott's exterior trucked flat
The exterior of Dame Trott’s cottage double sided flat.
Interior of Dame Trott's cottage flat
The interior of the cottage minus the curtains and the trucked window seat.