We’re back!

As you Like It designed by Katie Lias at the Watermill Theatre
Photograph credit; Lawrence T Doyle

We are very happy to be building scenery once again for the outdoor summer season at The Watermill theatre. This is the set for As You Like It and will be followed, with a few adjustments to the set, by the Just So stories. The stage is situated in the idyllic riverside gardens of the theatre.

The theme for this and future productions at The Watermill is to focus on sustainability although the production team have always kept a careful eye on wastage and we have re-purposed several elements of old sets for them over the years, particularly floors. The floor for this production was salvaged by the production team from ex stock of the RSC. We flipped it from it’s painted side, routed the planks and painted it like new!

The As You Like It floor painted on the reverse side of a painted RSC floor.

We did cheat with the covered stage for the musicians as it would have been too dangerous using salvaged metal corrugated sheeting. Their sharp edges posed too much of a risk so, with some clever painting, we transformed clear plastic corrugated sheeting to look just as authentic as the real thing! These will then be kept, after the performances to be re-used on another set, and so the sustainable endeavour continues.