A message of solidarity to all pantomime producers

Since the government announcement of emergency funding to The Arts, we at DSH would like to say to all producers and venues who were on the brink of writing off their pantomime season that we are here, we have scenery and we can work with you to help create your production. Whether you normally build your own, or your usual supplier is unable to give you what you need, or if you would normally come to us but your budget is now severely limited, please get in touch. This is a time to pull together, over-ride normal protocol and help theatres put on a pantomime if it is at all possible.

We understand that their could be delays, changes to arrangements at the last minute and possibly even sudden closures. The important thing is that we don’t want you to feel that your access to a set is the barrier to you producing this year.

Get in touch, talk to us. It would be a great celebration of theatres’ enduring creativity if we can help open their doors once again for the pantomime season.