Scenery Construction and Pantomime set Hire

My Fair Lady for The Royal Grammar School

We were recently commissioned by the drama department of The Royal Grammar School in High Wycombe to produce a set for their forthcoming production of My Fair Lady. We were given an image of the design they wanted that they had gleamed from a design student’s blog from Canada. Our challenge was to create a free standing set of arches that would be stable on a revolve. The scenes were depicted by the angle the arches were set on stage and also by in-fills in the arches. Professor Higgins study was to have book cases and the conservatory was to have windows. These scenes had to be changed in full view by the students, so they needed to be light and easy to put in position. We came up with double sided canvas flats that hooked on to the structure with minimal effort. The school were very pleased with the result and we all felt the design was very effective as you can see of the set in our workshop.

Professor Higgin’s Study scene
Conservatory scene

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